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The symbol for Tin is Sn

Symbol For Tin: Sn
Group: Metal
Atomic Number of Tin: 50
Atomic Weight of Tin: 118.71


Electron Shells: 2,8,18,18,4
Orbital Electrons: [Kr] 4d10 5s2 5p2
Valence Electrons: 2,4


Crystal Structure of Tin: Tetragonal
Melting Point of Tin: 231.97°C
Boiling Point of Tin: 2602°C
Electronegativity of Tin: 1.96
Covalent Radius of Tin: 1.41 Å
Ionic Radius of Tin: .71 (+4) Å
Atomic Radius of Tin: 1.72 Å
1st Ionization Potential of Tin: 7.3438 V
2nd Ionization Potential of Tin: 14.632 V
3rd Ionization Potential of Tin: 30.502 V
Density of Tin at 293 Degrees Kelvin: 7.30 g/cm³
Electron Conductivity of Tin: 0.0917 10^6/cm ohm
Thermal Conductivity of Tin:0.666 W/cmK

Discovered By: Known to the ancients.
Year Discoved: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Name Origin: Named after Etruscan god, Tinia; symbol from Latin: stannum (tin).

Telescopium | Telescopii

Constellations of God’s Sky

Constellation: Telescopium
Hemisphere Location: SH
Primary Star:  
Latin Origin: Telescopii
English Name: Telescope

Sheshan | Shanghai, China

Telescopes of The World

Name of Telescope: Sheshan
Location of Telescope: Shanghai, China
Frequency Range of Telescope: 1660 MHz
Comments: 25m. Operated by SHAO (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory)