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University of Texas at Austin | BA and BS Astronomy

Colleges With Astronomy Degrees

Name: University of Texas at Austin
Address: Dept. of Astronomy 2515 Speedway, Mailstop C1400 Austin, TX 78712-1205
Undergraduate: BA and BS Astronomy
Graduate: MA and PhD Astronomy

University of Arizona | BS Astronomy

Colleges With Astronomy Degrees

Name: University of Arizona
Address: Dept. of Astronomy Steward Observatory N205 P.O. Box 210065 Tuscon, AZ 85721-0065
Undergraduate: BS Astronomy
Graduate: PhD Astronomy

The symbol for Gadolinium is Gd

Symbol For Gadolinium: Gd
Group: Rare Earth
Atomic Number of Gadolinium: 64
Atomic Weight of Gadolinium: 157.25


Electron Shells: 2,8,18,25,9,2
Orbital Electrons: [Xe] 4f7 5d1 6s2
Valence Electrons: 3


Crystal Structure of Gadolinium: Hexagonal
Melting Point of Gadolinium: 1313°C
Boiling Point of Gadolinium: 3273°C
Electronegativity of Gadolinium: 1.2
Covalent Radius of Gadolinium: 1.61 Å
Ionic Radius of Gadolinium: 1.05 (+3) Å
Atomic Radius of Gadolinium: 2.54 Å
1st Ionization Potential of Gadolinium: 6.1500 V
2nd Ionization Potential of Gadolinium: 12.095 V
3rd Ionization Potential of Gadolinium: 20.635 V
Density of Gadolinium at 293 Degrees Kelvin: 7.895 g/cm³
Electron Conductivity of Gadolinium: 0.00736 10^6/cm ohm
Thermal Conductivity of Gadolinium:0.106 W/cmK

Discovered By: Jean de Marignac
Year Discoved: 1880
Location: Switzerland
Name Origin: Named after the mineral gadolinite.


Famous Christian Inventors Of The Past

When someone says you can’t be a Christian and believe in science, tell them about FRANCIS BACON (1561-1626), the Christian who invented the SCIENTIFIC METHOD.