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New Mexico State University | Astronomy minor

Colleges With Astronomy Degrees

Name: New Mexico State University
Address: Dept. of Astronomy Box 30001 / MSC 4500 Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001
Undergraduate: Astronomy minor
Graduate: MS and PhD Astronomy

The symbol for Nitrogen is N

Symbol For Nitrogen: N
Group: Non-Metal
Atomic Number of Nitrogen: 7
Atomic Weight of Nitrogen: 14.00674


Electron Shells: 2,5
Orbital Electrons: [He] 2s2 2p3
Valence Electrons: 3,5


Crystal Structure of Nitrogen: Hexagonal
Melting Point of Nitrogen: -209.86°C
Boiling Point of Nitrogen: -195.8°C
Electronegativity of Nitrogen: 3.04
Covalent Radius of Nitrogen: 0.75 Å
Ionic Radius of Nitrogen: 1.71 (-3) Å
Atomic Radius of Nitrogen: 0.75 Å
1st Ionization Potential of Nitrogen: 14.5341 V
2nd Ionization Potential of Nitrogen: 29.601 V
3rd Ionization Potential of Nitrogen: 47.448 V
Density of Nitrogen at 293 Degrees Kelvin: 0.0012506 g/cm³
Electron Conductivity of Nitrogen: —
Thermal Conductivity of Nitrogen:0.0002598 W/cmK

Discovered By: Daniel Rutherford
Year Discoved: 1772
Location: Scotland
Name Origin: Greek: nitron and genes, (soda forming).