Is Stephen Hawking A Christian? To Atheists?

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Question Posed – Please take the time to listen to this.
New Scientific Evidence for the Existence of God
A Seminal Presentation by Astrophysicist Dr. Hugh Ross, given in South Barrington, Illinois, April 16, 1994
Editor’s note: This lecture was selected not in spite of being more than 10 years old, but because it is more than 10 years old. Virtually every statement and inference given in this speech has been reinforced and further validated during the last decade by measurements from the COBE Satellite, the Hubble Telescope, and advances in physics and astronomy.
The hallmark of a truly reliable scientific theory is that it is thoroughly testable, scientifically falsifiable, and makes accurate predictions. Dr. Ross’s origins model has stood the test of time for nearly two decades, literally receiving further validation on a monthly basis as physics and astronomy journals publish new papers.…

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  1. Earl D Said:

    From what I’ve read. No.
    It’s not even clear if he’s a diest, he probably isn’t.
    He doesn’t discount God, he just doesn’t put God into the equation at all.
    His views on the future of mankind, however, are QUITE appocalyptic. He’s not a realist. He can’t see beyond his own nose that man has survived this time and time again.
    For someone who writes about time, he sure doesn’t understand time and history.
    Everyone thinks the end of Mankind is coming, including Hawking. That’s not a very good scientific point of view. It isn’t justified by the evidence.
    Nature finds a way. It always has.
    Man survived the Plague. Man survive the Flu Pandemic. Man survived AIDS. Man survived the Christian and Islamic crusades.
    Man manages, through serendipity, to continue. Hawking doesn’t see it that way. Probably because his faith is so dismal. He’s a man of little faith and as a result he forsees the end of times in the near future.
    That makes him sound like a Fundie!

  2. MikeInRI Said:

    Stephen Hawkins doesn’t agree with the idea’s of Dr. Hugh Ross and the funiest thing is that his harshest critics are his fellow creationists like Ken Ham…
    Good Luck!!!

  3. gypsy jane Said:

    Who cares? I just think of him as a brilliant man. His religion doesn’t matter!

  4. Dr. Douche Said:

    Biblical scholars believe that by using the word of the bible, we are only around 6000 years old, yet that site says we are 17,000,000,000 years old…. So they’re disproving the bibles word, how can I take the rest of the bible as the “truth” if such contradictions exist?

  5. ahnamare Said:

    If there was scientific evidence of God, don’t you think there would be less atheists?
    Edit: “I thought that you might be curious of the equation that convinced Albert Einstein that God exists, that God created the universe. ” – Einstein was an atheist. That site is already incorrect.

  6. Evil Atheist Cannibal Said:

    You’re joking, right? Did you even take the time to read that, or do you blindly post internet sites and assume that they must be true?
    “Big bang = Jesus Christ?”
    It’s sad to see scientists compromise their intellect for their personal biases.
    Edit: Actually, just use this. If I get time I’ll write my own critique, but until then, hopefully this will hold you over:…

  7. ratmand Said:

    Even if the big bang is proven to a t it doesn’t account for the fact that God could have created it by uttering these very words “Let there be light!!”

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